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Before: Tom Stanek’s K2 Castings Capabilities page


Smaller manufacturers often have an additional line of business. To save money, they’ll add this line of business to their main website. The problem with this approach is that it can sometimes confuse users, who don’t understand the connection between the disparate services.

Tom Stanek, CEO of K2 Castings, provided wear parts for large industrial metal shredders (think vehicles). But he had also been hired by a few of his clients to provide “Owner’s Project Manager” (OPM) services.

When we created the K2 Castings in 2014, it made sense to add this capability to the website. By 2018 however, Tom’s OPM business, and his reputation for completing projects on time and on budget, had grown considerably.

In fact, Tom had filed a new business name to promote his OPM services: Abby Industrial. It was time for a new dedicated website to promote the new company and Tom’s expertise.


  • Create a new WordPress website, including design, copy, and images
  • Communicate the Abby Industrial message and showcase the company’s expertise
  • Integrate a blog in order to provide content for a very niche audience

Abby Industrial – Home page


Update existing capabilities

Since we had already created the K2 Castings copy, the first step for Dianna Huff was to read through the new source material provided by Tom Stanek. Dianna also interviewed him to get an update of his capabilities and any new projects completed. She also did extensive research, including visiting the industrial construction job site where Tom was currently working. It was here that she learned industrial construction is a whole different breed of work requiring a specialized skillset.

Dianna then took the existing K2 Castings copy and updated it, as well as adding new copy where needed, for example, to flesh out the Abby Industrial Services pages. She also worked with Tom to gather testimonials.

WordPress design and coding

Working with the supplied copy, Rachel Cunliffe provided design templates for Tom to approve. Tom had requested the website include a blog so that he could provide news and updates to his very niche audience. We also included a project portfolio (with plans to expand this section with photos and detailed information about each project).

Stephen Merriman then coded up the site — which Tom Stanek then previewed before Go Live. Once approved, Stephen moved the website to the new domain and adjusted name servers, etc.


Once the website was live, Tom hired Huff Industrial Marketing to oversee monthly content management and Google Ads program. Because the company was so new, Huff recommended Google Ads to help Abby Industrial build its brand exposure and traffic/leads.

To date (May 2020), Abby Industrial has seen the following results:

  • Regular updates to the blog as well as other pages on the website
  • Posting content updates to LinkedIn for improved branding / exposure; build out of the Abby LinkedIn company page
  • Increased PR: Two industry publications have asked for Tom to submit pieces

In addition, the website has allowed Tom to better sell his services when meeting with potential facility owners; as of this writing, he has announced he’ll be working on a new industrial installation with a global recycling company as well as a mega shredder installation with another client.