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Our goal is to create a beautiful and easy-to-use website – and to do so in an efficient manner that still allows for the creative process to work its magic.

We’re strategic, thoughtful and purposeful. We listen to you and ask lots of questions. To ensure your project runs smoothly and efficiently, we continually work to improve our process. Many clients tell us after that they found the entire website redesign process refreshingly easy.

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How we communicate with you

To keep everything running smoothly, we use Basecamp, an easy-to-use project management application, and a password-protected development server.

Everyone involved with the project in your company will be emailed a login to Basecamp where they can view the designs, see all communications, and know exactly where the project is at all times (e.g. see to-do items being crossed off, see project milestones etc).

You will still get all communications via email as well, but having a central permanent archive of everything is great if you lose emails, or want to refer back to things at a later date.

You may also contact us at any time during the process by phone, email or booking an appointment with us. We use Zoom meeting for video calls and screen shares.

Step #1: Create the project strategy

Before we begin any design or copywriting, we first create the strategy or project road map. This step includes:

  • Background research and analysis of your website statistics
  • Information gleaned from interviewing key stakeholders about their needs and how the website can help solve sales and marketing challenges
  • Thorough analysis of your sales process, your audience, and how the website will help generate inquiries through relevant calls-to-action

We also create the Project Milestone doc to help keep the project on track — especially if you have a specific deadline (e.g. in time for a tradeshow).

At this point, we also work with you and the photographer to set up a shoot. We create a shot list and/or will attend a photoshoot if necessary to ensure the images communicate the messages we’ve agreed on in the Project Strategy.

Step #2: Create the content

Our philosophy is that content drives design.

We work closely with you and with each other to troubleshoot any potential issues and to determine how best to structure your content.

You’ll receive a document that contains all of the website copy:

  • All content — from “About” and “Home” to “Products / Services” and “Capabilities”
  • All title/meta description tags used for SEO
  • Header and footer copy
  • RFQ form fields
  • Calls-to-action
  • Anything else needed — FAQs, Testimonials, etc.

You are free to edit this document and suggest revisions. We then incorporate your revisions and send it back to you for review.

Generally, copy goes through two or three rounds of revisions before final approval. You are not charged extra for these revisions.

Step #3: Create the design templates

Initial designs are sent to you as images for viewing in your browser. You’ll receive brief instructions for how to give us constructive feedback. Based on your feedback, designs are revised through multiple rounds as required. You are not charged extra for these revisions.

For complex layouts or where there is a lot of content, we begin with wireframes so that the focus is first on the content organization, rather than the look and feel.

Step #4: Site is coded up

Once you have approved the designs, we code up your site using WordPress and import your approved content. You’ll receive a login to see the site on the password-protected development server, just as it would look when the site goes live.

You’re also given a printable PDF Website User Guide on how to use your website. At this point, you can make changes to your website yourself (which some clients do) or request that we make them for you. Clients often change placement of photos, tweak text, and move pages around.

We often do live screen shares with clients where we make changes on the fly based on what the client is asking to be changed. This way, you can see the changes without having to wait. (Clients love this!) Again, you’re not charged extra for this. We want you to focus on your website, not a ticking clock.

Step #5: Go-Live

When you’re ready, we’ll prepare the site to go live. You may have minor tweaks you’d like to make once the site is live. If you do, please let us know and we’ll make them for you.

Once the site is live, we provide rapid ongoing support for the code provided – especially when you’re first getting used to it. If you have questions months after go-live about how to do things for the features and code provided, we’re available to help you for no additional cost.

Step #6: Ongoing Marketing

Once your website project is complete, you may want to continue working with us. We provide seamless ongoing marketing and design — everything from AdWords and print ads to tradeshow and digital materials such as brochures, datasheets, and e-newsletters.

The main benefit of working with us? Since we’ve already created the messaging and positioning, and because we know you and what you want, it’s very easy to move into next phase of growing your business — because the hard work is done. Plus, everything we make for you is beautiful and functional — and it all matches. 🙂