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manufacturing website ROI

When deciding whether to have the company website redesigned, business owners ask, “What will it cost?”

The baseline for a custom WordPress website developed by Huff Industrial Marketing is $20,000.

If you require additional functionality, such as robust product filters, customized databases, dealer logins, e-commerce, etc., the price will increase depending on complexity and scope.

Payment terms are tied to completed milestones and include a non-refundable deposit.

Calculating ROI

When allocating time, money, and resources for a website redesign, business owners and marketing teams will ask, “How soon will we see inquiries?” People want to know if the cost of the redesign is justified.

When calculating ROI, we suggest taking your average sale price, and then asking, “How many sales do we need from our website to cover the cost of the redesign?” For some manufacturers, it’s one sale. For others, it’s more.

Bottom line: A manufacturing website developed by Huff Industrial Marketing typically generates good quality leads within three to six weeks after going live (depending on what other marketing is in place, e.g. Google Ads).

Are you part of a marketing team responsible for overseeing your company’s website redesign?

Calculating Website ROI Guide

We created this to help guide your decision-making process. You’ll also learn the six elements people need to want to do business with you.