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With Matt Kays, Kays Engineering, IMTS 2018

From websites and search engines to CRMs and mobile devices, today’s marketing involves a heavy tech component.

All this technology requires specialized knowledge, including how-when-why to use it, not to mention the hours of learning curve. Plus, you still need traditional marketing know-how: audiences, messaging, brand-building, lead generation, etc. to make it all work.

To help you cost-effectively (and painlessly) achieve marketing ROI, we offer these programs:

Content Marketing, Paid Search Marketer-at-Large

You choose the plan which best fits your budget and business growth goals. We then develop and implement your marketing strategy.


  • Marketing strategy and consulting specific to manufacturers
  • Web, graphic, and print design
  • SEO and lead generation
  • Data analysis and ROI tracking
  • Integration of offline and online tactics
  • Specialized software experience


Predictable billing

You pay a set monthly fee. Marketing is a budget line item you can plan for.

Better results, faster

Because we work with you long-term, we really learn your business — making your marketing more effective and efficient.

Business growth focus

We’re proactive. If we determine we can do something outside the scope of your plan that will aid your business, we’ll tell you so and why, as well as the cost estimate.

Trackable results

You’ll get regular reports based on goals and key performance indicators. We hold the team accountable for completing tasks and achieving goals.