As a small manufacturer, you may not need a full suite of marketing services, nor can your budget handle the hefty fees larger agencies charge.

What’s really needed is consistent marketing: a newsletter that goes out every single month; web content created that’s based on what buyers need to build trust with you; articles created that appear in industry blogs, newsletters, or trade publications.

With my Ongoing Marketing & PR package, I help you implement the tactics outlined in the Marketing Strategy — on an a la carte basis. This means you pay for things based on your budget and/or when they happen e.g. you need an ad for an upcoming tradeshow, a press release, or a sales sheet. Or, you want someone to oversee your monthly e-newsletter.

Rachel Cunliffe, of Cre8d Design, and I often do this work together after we’ve done your Website Overhaul, so you get a marketing-design team who knows your business and your brand — at a fraction of what you’d pay an agency. Win-win-win.

I offer this service to clients already engaged with me through the Annual Marketing Consulting Program.


Please contact me for a list of fee ranges for the items listed in the “What You Get” section.

What You Get with My Ongoing Marketing & PR package:

Since I know you and your business, and have already created the marketing strategy, I’m able to offer cost-effective fees for the following items:

  • Email newsletters
  • Web content (e.g. application notes, FAQs, etc.)
  • Articles for trade publications
  • Press releases
  • Print ads
  • Customer surveys
  • Campaigns for new product launches
  • Video storyboards and scripts
  • Trade show marketing help