“We know we need to market,” said one business owner recently, “but we’re simply too busy over here. We don’t have time for an e-newsletter, a blog, SEO and all that stuff.”

Dianna Huff

Yep, I hear you. As a small business owner, it’s tough to find the time to think strategically about how to grow the business because you’re too busy actually running your business.

It’s for this reason I created my Annual Marketing Consulting Program.

This 12-month program is for small manufacturers who have done major process and plant improvements and as a result, now run under or slightly at capacity. You have a multi-year business plan and want to increase revenue.

The Program is based on creating a strategic marketing plan tailored to your business — one that incorporates your existing assets and resources. It’s geared specifically to helping you reach your business growth goals by helping you improve name recognition, messaging, and most important — inquiries! — over time.

This Program is priced to be easy on your cash flow: you pay $2,125 per quarter.

What You Get with the Annual Marketing Consulting Program:

  • Full marketing strategy complete with measurement plan, KPIs, and tactics
  • 12-month marketing calendar
  • Unlimited calls and emails
  • One hour Zoom meeting each quarter with you and/or your marketing staff to discuss results and challenges and to update the strategy and calendar as needed
  • Monthly custom reports that tie back to the measurement plan, KPIs and tactics, plus my analysis and insights (meaning, I do much, much more than simply send you automatic reports from Google Analytics)
  • Ensuring the proper code is in place for tracking inquiries, plus setting up the right goals so that we can track conversions by channel in Analytics

Choose from three optional add-on modules: