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Attracting Skilled Labor Using Three Assets You Already Have

CHALLENGE: According to recent survey data by the U.S. Chamber of Commerce and Met Life, three out of four business owners don’t have plans to change their job recruitment marketing efforts – even though these efforts, such as newspaper advertising, aren’t delivering the results they want in terms of qualified employees.

With this webinar, you’ll gain a different perspective on how you can attract the right people for your organization – cost effectively and efficiently – using assets you already have.

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financial roadmap podcast

Can a Great Website Improve Your Cash Flow? It Sure Can!

Everyone knows they need a website. If you don’t have one, you might not exist, it’s that vital to a business. In this podcast with BB&T Bank, Rachel Cunliffe and Zachary Sinc, Small Business Lending Product Manager, discusses why a website is also a vital cash flow asset for manufacturers.

Zach and Rachel also discuss the common mistakes manufacturers make with their websites, how to tell if your website needs an upgrade, and what’s the one thing you can do right now move you website experience forward for your customers and potential employees.

Sums up Zach, “A great website is important to selling the business itself, not just your products or services, to prospective customers and employees.”

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Business and Life Podcast with Mike Olivas

Dianna Huff and Mike Olivas discuss how Dianna started Manufacturing Marketing Magazine with Rachel Cunliffe, and how sometimes, you have to ignore all the naysayers and follow your gut. Says Mike, “Being a contrarian is ok. You have tune out all the noise.”

The Business and Life podcast is a daily podcast for business people and entrepreneurs who need a daily dose of inspiration and ideas on how to grow a business.

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