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Urethane Innovators Careers page

One of the biggest challenges manufacturers face is attracting (and retaining) skilled labor.

Effective job recruitment marketing requires much more than simply posting job listings or placing help wanted signs outside your facility.

To be successful in attracting the right employees that suit your culture and workplace, you must clearly communicate why prospective employees would want to work for your company.

Yes, it’s all about marketing. And messaging. And other stuff.

To help you tackle this challenge, we provide strategic job recruitment marketing services that include:

  • Creating Culture and Careers website sections that communicate your culture and list open jobs
  • Job recruitment via Google Ads
  • Writing up job descriptions
  • Creating mobile-friendly online job forms
  • Strategic consulting with regard to workflows and how the Google Job Search Box works
  • Designing effective “help wanted” banners for buildings or street-side signage

To complement our services, we’ve partnered with Claudette Rowley, CEO of Cultural Brilliance. She’s worked with manufacturers large and small to help attract the right kinds of employees — and then keep them.

Claudette can work directly with you if need help changing or improving your culture. She also works as part of our team to communicate your culture on your website and other materials.