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We get results for smaller manufacturers. Small ad spend? Niche market? Custom capabilities and complex services? No problem.

We work one-on-one with you to learn your business, products, and services. Using your industry insight and our data science, you get a customized paid search plan. We take care of everything and actively watch your account – no set and forget!

The result is high-quality leads you can track – email, phone calls, and form submissions – to help ensure they become sales.

Our clients are getting an average of 8-10 leads per month from search ads, at an average cost of about $375 per lead, and spending about $3,000 per month in total (fee + ad spend).

What your plan includes:

Paid Search
$1,850 per month*

  • Paid search strategy tie-in with marketing strategy and goals
  • Set up new campaigns or troubleshooting existing ones
  • Tracking code installed
  • Analytics Goals configured correctly to accurately measure Paid and Organic conversions
  • Up to 7 Search Network campaigns actively managed
  • Daily monitoring and updating of new campaigns
  • Twice weekly check-ins for ad spend, clicks, and conversions
  • Active manual bid management
  • Testing ad concepts and extensions
  • Campaign ROI
  • Weekly conversion reports
  • Monthly campaign reports
  • 6-month initial commitment; yearly commitment thereafter

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*Fee doesn’t include monthly ad spend and one-time account set up fee.

Mike Dolan

“Dianna and the team at Huff Industrial Marketing have been great to work with and are a critical and valuable part of our sales and marketing team. Dianna delivered a plan that focused on website content improvement, SEO analysis, and a greater focus on the use of Google Ads. Her team executed the plan, clearly identified key deliverables, and communicated in a timely manner. We’ve run various campaigns focusing on product families and seen a marked improvement in the frequency and quality of our leads. I would recommend Huff Industrial Marketing to any company that requires and desires a creative and goal deliverable focused marketing partner!”

— Mike Dolan, VP of Sales & Business Development, Urethane Innovators