June 18 issue: Fun takes us by surprise and grabs our attention. Urethane Innovators showcased a new mixing machine in their newsletter – and engaged customers by adding an Elf on the Shelf.

Manufacturing Marketing is the first magazine dedicated to helping small industrial manufacturers grow their businesses through marketing.

It’s also a magazine long overdue. Why? Because much of the marketing advice out there is often repurposed from consumer and “big brand” marketing gurus, using language that’s difficult to understand (unless you’re a marketer) and tactics that aren’t easy to replicate.

Our mission with Manufacturing Marketing is to be different. We’ll be providing relevant news and our own expert insight gleaned from working closely with small manufacturers across the U.S.

Publishing Schedule

You’ll receive Manufacturing Marketing each Monday at 7:30 AM. Each issue will include links and a brief synopsis to industry articles we think you’ll find helpful. We’ll also include a brief column about one aspect of strategically marketing your manufacturing business.

In addition to the email version, you’ll receive a printable PDF with each issue; the PDF will include material not available in the email version. We hope you’ll share it with others on your marketing or management team as well as with industrial manufacturers in your extended network.

Our plans include a hard copy quarterly print version of the magazine, beginning September 2018.

Our goal is to make Manufacturing Marketing the premier resource for small industrial manufacturers who want expert insight into how to grow their businesses through marketing.

Thank you!

Dianna Huff, Editor and Rachel Cunliffe, Designer

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