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Have you ever wondered how people use your manufacturing website?

Sure, data can tell you the pages, page views, user flow, scroll rate, etc. etc. but it’s just numbers. Instead, wouldn’t it be great to see . . .

  • What people actually do?
  • How they move around?
  • If anything is in their way?
  • What’s missing from a page that makes them click over to several other pages to find what they need?
  • How much time it actually takes?
  • Just how distracted we all are — and why your site has to be distraction-free?

Well, now you can — with Matomo’s Session Recording tool. With it, you can direct Matomo to record how people use specific pages to see how they click, move, scroll, etc.

“OMG,” said a customer after watching a couple of Sessions. “I know exactly what that person is looking for.” Suddenly the light bulb went on. “What we really need is . . . .”

Yes! 🙌

Matomo, in case you don’t know, is an awesome and easy-to-use Google Analytics alternative.

It’s chock-full of tools and reports that can help small manufacturers better understand how prospects interact with a website — and what prevents people from completing that RFQ form.

I’m happy to say all Huff Industrial Marketing customers have been switched over and are becoming excited at what they can see happening with their websites.

And did I mention you can import Bing and Search Console keyword data? Yes, yes you can. In less than 10 seconds, the same customer could see two potential content ideas based on this data. 🙌 🙌

As an aside, there’s no rule you have to use the new version of Google Analytics (GA4) — which is TERRIBLE. Don’t believe the hype — there’s no way a small business can make heads or tails of it. I’ve been using Analytics since it was Urchin (before Google bought it) and the interface and “make your own reports” thingie left me banging my head.

You can switch. The great Google god will never know you’ve left. 😉

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Image by David Travis, Unsplash