Image by Arseny Togulev, Unsplash

“We’re working with an agency on SEO. They’ve made some keyword changes and they’re supposed to create a blog post a month. But the content they give us is terrible! I can’t use it and often have to completely re-write it.”

I’ve heard this story from manufacturers many times over the years. The reasons some agencies deliver terrible content are varied but include:

❌ Not having a clue about manufacturing and its products or processes — or the manufacturer’s audience.

❌ Not working one-on-one with the manufacturer (usually because it’s a small account), which leads to a lack of solid content recommendations based on the mfger’s insight and feedback.

❌ Outsourcing the writing to low-cost writers.

❌ Writing to keywords in order to “rank” vs. creating content that answers prospects’ questions.

Now, you can add a new reason: “Creating content using an AI tool.”

The SEO tool I use now offers an AI Writing tool; this image is the popup that appeared when I logged in.

AI Writer

Tools that help with search engine optimization have their use: they automate tedious tasks and can provide good information about how a search engine views a website.

However, using content recommendations from a tool is a lesson in futility.

The tool knows absolutely nothing about your business, industry and products nor your customers and their challenges.

I’ve been working with manufacturers since 2014 and have created a ton of content – a lot of it highly technical in nature.

Companies that work with me and my team see a continual rise in RFQs over months and years, as well as a corresponding increase in sales.

A customer’s RFQ form submission growth rate over four years.

What’s our secret? We don’t have one. We simply create distraction-free websites and expertly-written content that answer prospects’ questions.

That’s it.

If your website or marketing program isn’t delivering the results you want, contact me and let’s talk.