If you’re in sales, you know the feeling when a prospect, after weeks or months of conversation, says, “We decided to stay with what we have.”

Because we create custom-build WordPress websites that cost much more than a $25 theme, we hear this reason for not moving forward a lot!

We get it: budget, cash flow, timing, internal resources — all these and more can play into why a company decides to stick with an outdated website.

We all make decisions every day on whether to move forward or not with the items we’ve been tasked with. Some of these decisions do take time.

For example, I spent a few months looking at SE Ranking, a tool to help me with my SEO work. I resisted using a tool like this for years because the big name ones are costly and overkill for the work I do for smaller manufacturers.

But, I knew not moving forward was now costing me time and money, so I did some research and said yes to the tool — and made a huge positive impact on my work flow.

Freeing up the time I was spending doing manual SEO work meant I could focus more on strategic website work, where I excel.

The outcome is the same for deciding to move forward with a custom build WordPress website.

Three reasons a status quo website negatively impacts your business

1. It’s a cost generator vs. a cost saver — An outdated website takes more time to maintain, and the older the website or platform (e.g. Joomla, Dreamweaver®), the more difficult, time-consuming and costly it becomes.

2. It’s a time waster vs. a time saver — An outdated website may lack the navigational elements, such as a mega menu, that help people find what they need fast.

3. It’s a business deflator vs. a business inflator — An outdated website doesn’t deliver leads. In fact, lack of lead generation is the number one reason people contact us.

Considering a new custom WordPress website? Let us explain the Huff Industrial Marketing difference.

We build all our manufacturing websites from scratch using the new WordPress Gutenberg visual editor. (We don’t use builder plugins.)

Before we begin work on any new website, I will either tour your facility or interview you and your team. Our web designer, Rachel Cunliffe, and I then carefully plan out the proposed site map.

For me, creating the site map is challenging because it’s here that I think through the structure of the website: the site map is the roadmap for the content and for the design.

In much the same way Apple has intricately woven its device software and hardware to deliver an exceptional user experience, so too is the content and design of a Huff Industrial Marketing website.

Once we have the proposed site map, we run it by you for approval and then begin developing content.

All our sites are hand coded by our programmer, Stephen Merriman. Due to his care and attention to detail, it takes him approximately three weeks to properly code a website.

This strong integration of content, design, and coding is why the websites we build are flawless.

“You don’t really hand code websites,” said one business owner. “No one does that anymore.”

Yes, yes, we do. And that’s why, when people view a manufacturing website created by us, they see the difference immediately. (Our customers are thrilled when they begin getting leads right out of the gate.)

If you’re considering updating your manufacturing website, schedule a call with us first to discuss your challenges or complete our RFQ form.