Some of the companies that have hired us for custom website builds, marketing programs and other stuff. 

“We don’t want our competitors knowing who we work with, so don’t list our customers.”

I’ve heard this pushback for years. Manufacturers don’t want to add a customer list to their websites for various reasons:

❌ They think the competition will steal them.

❌ An NDA won’t allow it.

❌ They don’t want the competition knowing what they’re doing. 

The NDA is a valid reason, and one I understand and respect.

As for the competition stealing a manufacturer’s customers, as I always say, your competition is pitching them whether or not they know they’re your customers.

The reason I recommend adding a customer list to a website is because it builds trust and credibility with prospects. It also conforms to Google’s recommendations regarding ensuring your website demonstrates E-E-A-T: Expertise, Experience, Authority, and Trust.

People see the company names and automatically think, “Oh, they must be good if they’ve worked with those companies.” 

My advice: Consider adding a partial customer list. You don’t have to add ALL of your customers. Sprinkle in a few A-listers, and a few government or defense ones if you have them.

Second piece of advice: Use logos versus copy/text. People instantly recognize logos. Plus, they’re easier for the brain to register versus having to read a longish list of names.

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