website conversions

Because we’ve been working together since 2010, Rachel Cunliffe and I have achieved mind-meld. Because of the mind-meld thing, and our tightly synced process, I’m taking notes on what exactly we do, how we do it, and why for a current website build. (Doing so also helps us continue to improve our process.)

I completed the copy and now Rachel has started the design phase. (Side note: We do not do any design until the copy phase is complete. We provide customers withe the first draft for review via MS Word or Google Docs — and then make edits based on feedback.)

One thing that makes our process different is that Rachel actually reads everything I write. Then she starts firing questions at me — POW! POW! POW! 💥 💥 💥 I have to put everything down and think.

The design piece we’ve spent quite a bit of time on? The mega menu and navigation. (See Part I: What is a Mega Menu and When Should it Be Used?)

We want to make sure the navigation flows the way the company sells its products. So, she spent a lot of time thinking it through; then she made revisions based on feedback from the customer and me (I’ve also provided data to back up discussion points).

This type of deep-thinking is why our custom-built websites for manufacturers deliver conversions in the form of sales-ready leads — because the conversion piece is baked-in right from the beginning.

Sorta like properly prepared apples in a pie for Thanksgiving. 😀