“The [cash] dividend is palpable proof to shareholders that their company is making profitable progress.

“Earnings are figures on a balance sheet, which can be misleading due to tax considerations and extraordinary expenses.

“But dividends are real money. . . . the dividend is the most sacred of all corporate financial components, and the measure of value we hold in the highest regard.”

— Geraldine Weiss, Founder, Investment Quality Trends, from her book, The Dividend Connection

You can apply the same idea to website analytics. It’s easy to gin up traffic and page views based on questionable SEO tactics or viral content.

But in the end, authentic RFQ form submissions are the real proof that your content marketing and website is working.

To ensure our manufacturing clients know and understand the value of their marketing, we provide each one with a custom Conversion Report each week.

The report shows a snapshot of data in an easy-to-view Excel spreadsheet:
✔️ Conversion Date
✔️ First Click Date
✔️ Prospect Name / Company
✔️ The challenge or item being requested
✔️ Landing page
✔️ Source: PPC, Organic, etc.

The client can then add notations: Quoted, Not a good prospect, Won/Lost, etc. At the end of the month, the spreadsheet shows a record of RFQ (and email / calls) activity — and becomes a measure of value for them and us.

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