It’s a multi-touch, multi-device world, we’re told. Buyers have “journeys” and we need all sorts of content for the top, middle, and bottom of the funnel.

We need tracking tools to determine which devices they’re using, and when.

We need to monitor their app usage and follow them around on social media with ads.

We send emails and then “nudge” people to open them by resending the same email. You can find all sorts of email subject line tricks right here on LinkedIn.

What my team and I have learned from our conversion tracking data is that much of this stuff doesn’t matter when it comes to manufacturers.

What we’ve learned is that often, the “buyer’s journey” works like this:

✔️ Search Google or Bing for the product needed
✔️ Complete the RFQ or Contact form, or send an email, or call
✔️ Go back to work

For one client, over 60% of conversions happen on the same day as the first website visit. Sometimes, it takes two days to convert.

We also know the telephone is still used, and that people will manually tap in a phone number or press buttons on a desk phone.

Our advice: If you’re a manufacturer, ignore the advice about “the buyer’s journey.”

Instead, focus on your website. Create great content that makes people say, “Yes, this company gets it. I want to work with them.” Build trust and credibility by demonstrating your experience and expertise.

Don’t forget to have some fun, too.

Make it super easy for people to contact you however they want to do it.

Track your results, make small changes based on data, and track some more.

If you’re not getting the results you want from your website or marketing, contact us for a discussion on how we can help.