Many companies don’t look at their Google Analytics data. I get it. Years ago, I spent an hour a day, for a full month, to fully understand the data and what to do with it. I then took the 1.5 hour exam and became Google Analytics Certified.

Today, I’d be lost without website data: Organic vs. Social vs. Paid; Conversions by channel; e-Commerce, Pages viewed, trends over time, etc.

Data is the only way I know the custom websites we build and the marketing recommendations we implement for our customers are actually working.

That’s why, when I see the Flatline of Death in a company’s Analytics, I shake my head. It’s so unnecessary.

The Flatline pictured above came about when the company hired a “web designer” with zero experience in marketing or manufacturing. Before the redesign, the company had robust data, including conversions.

Since the redesign, no data has been collected by Google Analytics. All graphs went down to zero — aka flatline.

This scenario is completely unnecessary. Adding existing Analytics tracking code to a redesigned website is an easy one-minute step — something the designer didn’t know or didn’t care to do.

I don’t think the company has viewed its Analytics all these months later either, which is very sad.

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