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Once a customer approves the design templates for a Custom Build Website redesign, the project moves to development.

This is where things become relatively quiet after weeks of back-and-forth discussion, changes, etc. Our developer, Stephen Merriman, is hard at work.

Stephen codes all Huff Industrial Marketing websites from scratch. What does this mean?

✔️ He installs and configures the current version of WordPress and begins creating the theme according to the development notes from the design phase provided by Rachel Cunliffe.

✔️ If the website involves a special feature, such as a powerful product filter, he codes how it’s to work on both the front and backend and then uploads the database of images, copy, etc.

✔️ He’s incredibly thorough and precise. One thing Stephen prides himself on is his bug-free, bloat-free code. It’s very clean!

✔️ He tests everything to ensure the entire website renders beautifully on a variety of browsers and device types.

Once coding is complete, Stephen gives the team a password-protected login to the development server and from there, final editing and proofing are done prior to go-live.

In summary, we don’t use pre-built themes or website builder plugins. Everything about your manufacturing website, from strategy and messaging to design and coding, is created based on your business and goals.

The theme is yours — unique, beautiful, and flawlessly executed.

If you’re not getting the results you want from your manufacturing website, call 603-382-8093 or complete the RFQ form.

Work sample

The image below shows a partial page of the extensive product filter we created for Bugeye Technologies, manufacturers of flight simulation hardware.

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