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If you have a problem with your marketing, the first step is to look at your website. If you don’t fix the problems with the website first, all the time and money you put into a campaign or program will simply go to waste.

When manufacturers want to change up their marketing, it’s usually in response to a problem:

❌ Not getting enough leads
❌ Dependency on one or two customers for the majority of revenue
❌ Need to build exposure for a new product or service
❌ Urgency to start a marketing program where none exists

The business owner or marketing director / VP will look externally for something (anything) that can solve their problem fast, such as “blasting” emails to a “targeted” list, focusing on social media or SEO, or being swayed by big promises of a lead gen campaign.

The problem isn’t lack of marketing per se, although that is a real problem, and one we see regularly.

The problem is usually with the website

Otherwise known in fancy jargon as “post-click experience,” what this means is that when people click through from a PPC ad, social media post, or an email link, how your website supports their expectations determines marketing success or not.

Common problems that lead to a poor post-click experience:

❌ Design is based on some B2B or consumer-type builder plugin versus being custom built for the manufacturer and its products / audience
❌ Too many “cool” bits and distractions and not enough technical content that answers people’s questions
❌ Limited or no About section
❌ Limited or no original, high quality photography or images
❌ Poorly constructed calls-to-action or RFQ form
❌ Outdated content / design

Bottom line: If you sent out parts that were machined the way your website was constructed, you’d be out of business.

If you’re not getting the results you want from your manufacturing website, contact Huff Industrial Marketing. We’ve been working exclusively with smaller manufacturers since 2014 and know what works (and what doesn’t).

Our brilliance is building custom websites that deliver sales-ready RFQs. Our secret is no secret: We simply understand you, your products, your processes — and create websites that showcase your brilliance. That is all.

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