A screenshot of the RFQ goal “card” from the Matomo dashboard.

I wasn’t too worried when Google said they’d be shutting down Universal Analytics (UA) and moving to GA4.

I’d been using UA since it was Urchin — a few years before Google bought it in 2005 — plus, I had completed the UA certification process. So, I was no neophyte.

I quickly learned however, that GA4 was a whole other kettle of fish. Even after two training courses and many hours of reading other people’s blog posts and GA4 help files, I couldn’t get the data I needed.

And if I couldn’t, how could any small business owner?

Feeling incredibly frustrated, I began searching to see if I were the only one. That’s how I discovered the “GA4 sucks” hashtag and ultimately, a link to Matomo, a UA/GA4 alternative. Yay!

Matomo is now the foundation for our Conversion Reporting service — plus the marketing work we do for our clients.

We use it to track RFQ form conversions plus email and phone clicks. It’s super easy to set up and create your own custom dashboard. We love the application and our clients do, too.

Best of all, it’s saved us a ton of time and is perfect for companies with “small” data.

If you’re a smaller manufacturer and would like to discuss the effectiveness of your marketing or website, let’s talk! Call, email or schedule a call.