The Kays Engineering “Company History” page

What is the most important section of a manufacturer’s website after Products / Services? The About section. Why? Because the information about your company helps build trust and credibility with website visitors — and helps them decide whether to contact you.

The About section should be robust (or packed full of information) and should include the following pages or info:

✔️ Company history and story — How / why it was founded, etc.
✔️ Management / sales / tech team — Include photos of each person + brief bios (Note: a Team photo works well too.)
✔️ Customer list — Use customer logos for visual impact
✔️ Testimonials
✔️ Company vision (if applicable)
✔️ Environmental, Health & Safety (ditto)
✔️ Industry Certifications
✔️ Events / Press Room

Smaller manufacturers will often add Careers / Open Positions under About, but if you have lots of positions open, or culture is an important value to you, I always recommend creating a separate Careers section.

Image: Kays Engineering Company History page. This page is one of my favorites for custom website we built for Kays using the WordPress Gutenberg editor. I love the old photos and the story.

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