With pre-built website themes or DIY sites, small changes can sometimes be quite difficult as they often require time-consuming under-the-hood coding expertise (if they can be made at all).

Because we use WordPress and do everything custom, making small changes to a website is super easy.

For example, we’re redesigning the HIM website. I already have my Keep It Made USA blog, which Rachel Cunliffe created for me a year ago. (I still love it. 😍 “Don’t change anything!” I told her.)

But, I also have a ton of marketing articles for manufacturers about websites, SEO, trade shows, etc. — stuff that doesn’t fit on my blog. Basically, I have two distinct audiences.

I didn’t want to delete the material but I also didn’t want to confuse blog readers with it.

The answer: Create a separate Resources section using the “Articles” function in WordPress (different from the Posts function). Once I made this decision, Rachel then designed the page for the new website in progress.

Now I can keep writing my Made in USA posts, while providing marketing insight, without confusing my blog readers. I also love how she added topic buttons across the top to help readers find the information they’re interested in.


Huff Industrial Marketing Resources page
Redesign in Progress – Huff Industrial Marketing website

One benefit of having your manufacturing website custom built by Huff Industrial Marketing is you’re not constrained by a DIY platform and its limitations.

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