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expanded image grid

Google’s expanded image grid for “No crush wheels”

When it presents images for a search result, Google generally displays four to five images arranged horizontally on a single line.

However, we recently came across the above expanded image grid for the search result, “no crush wheels.”

The expanded grid features 12 images – and it was located at the top of the page! (Often, the smaller grids appear mid-page.)

We saw this same expanded image grid for mobile, too.

What this means for manufacturers:

To have your images appear in Google’s image search results page, and by extension, its main search index, they need to be properly optimized.

It also helps if the pages on which they reside are optimized, too.

In this grid, for example, four of the images belong to our client, Urethane Innovators.

In addition, high-quality photography is key. Blurry, DIY photos detract from your brand and present your products in a less than favorable light.

To learn more about optimizing images, read: Three Ways to Improve Google Image Search Results.

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