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What does it mean to create “key messages” for a custom website build?

For our team, it means we spend a lot of time talking to you and your team and learning about your business and industry. A few of the topics we discuss:

✔️ Sales process: “Walk us through your sales process from beginning to end.” “Why sales did you lose and why? Ditto for wins.” “What sales objections do you hear and why?”

✔️ Marketing: “What are all the ways people hear about you?” “What tactics have you used in the past and what was their impact?” “What is some of the feedback you hear from customers?” “Is ‘Made in USA’ a key message? Why or why not?”

✔️ Products / services: “What challenges do they solve and why?” “How are they different?”

✔️ Business goals: “How much do you want to grow percentage-wise and what’s the time frame?” “What plans do you have for reaching your goals?” “What would be a good result with regard to this new website?”

From these conversations and industry research, we then create the “key messages” around which the website content and design will be created to communicate them.

This attention up-front is what allows us to tightly integrate content and design — and drive sales-ready leads consistently once the site is built.

If you’re considering updating your manufacturing website, schedule a call with us first to discuss your challenges or complete our RFQ form.