google analytics traffic graph
A typical traffic pattern for a smaller manufacturer.

What makes a smaller manufacturing business different from your generic consumer or software-as-service business?

Let’s start with the most basic: website traffic. Yep.

Over the years, I’ve had a few people call to ask, “Is this traffic pattern normal for a manufacturer? I’ve not seen anything like it.”When mfgers hire marketing or sales people, the new people will say, “Wow, that traffic pattern is amazing.”

What’s different about it? Weekends.

A smaller manufacturer’s prospects and customers generally don’t work weekends. (They take holidays and vacations, too.)

Without having to create any type of marketing persona, I can tell you what these prospects and customers are doing instead:

✔️ Spending time with family
✔️ Working on the house or in the yard
✔️ Watching sporting events
✔️ Attending religious services

Are they checking email or scrolling through social feeds? Of course. But the heavy duty work takes place on weekdays.

This one observation changed my entire idea of what it means for smaller manufacturers and their website marketing — and one I’ll be exploring in the coming weeks.

Disclosure: All ideas are my own (meaning, I don’t use the AI tool that shall not be named). This one came to me while washing dishes. Yes, I still wash dishes by hand. 😀