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Titan Home Page – Before


An OEM of industrial blast cabinets, blast rooms, and blast equipment, CEO Brandon Acker wanted to completely redesign the company website in order to improve the user experience, Google search rankings, and search traffic — as well as increase sales in a big way. He also wanted the new website to be the foundation for future marketing work.

Perform the website update over two phases: Phase I included the website proper; Phase II included migrating the existing shopping cart to Shopify. In addition, move the website to a new web host.


Titan Abrasive – After


In order to better learn about the company’s products, and meet Brandon Acker, Huff visited the Titan facility in Pennsylvania for a day. Here is where we learned how Titan manufactures its products and the philosophy behind the company’s values of supplying highest-quality, rugged, American-made blast room equipment and supplies.

Completely revise existing copy

The existing Titan website had a great deal of pretty good copy — it simply needed some pruning to make it easier to read. It also needed better organization and improved navigation to make it easier to determine which components were needed for each system.

WordPress design and development

We asked Brandon for a “hero” shot for the home page — which completely changed the entire look and feel of the website — as well as Titan’s messaging. (The photo is of a very large blast room Titan created for an aerospace company.)

Because Titan Abrasive was in the process of redesigning its products, the WordPress backend was created in such a way anyone in the company can easily update product pages as new information becomes available.

The website also includes a custom RFQ form with conditional functionality in order to help Titan engineers and prospective buyers save time by eliminating back and forth emails.

Migrate shopping cart

The Titan team was spending too much time on the phone telling people how to find products on the clunky shopping cart. Once the website redesign was complete, Acker then had us develop a new shopping cart using the Shopify platform.

This work included:

  • Migrating over all products
  • Re-organizing products by type; adding pricing, codes and variants
  • Optimizing the products for search
  • Modifying the Shopify theme so that the new cart seamlessly integrated into the website

Update: May 2020

Once the website was updated in 2017, Brandon Acker retained Huff Industrial Marketing to oversee his PPC program.

Over the last three years, the team has made continual updates to the website based on Brandon’s own insight, analytics data we provide, and his customers’ feedback. In February 2019, he had us implement a content marketing program.

One of the more exciting changes has been with e-commerce. Where before no one bought the company’s blast machines online, now they do on a regular basis.

It has been a thrill working with the Titan team and watching the business grow!

Brandon Acker

Titan CEO Brandon Acker


“The updated website showcases our product line in a much cleaner format with better (higher resolution) photos. The content does a much better job of conveying our message; who we are, what we do and why we’re the best. It provides detailed information about our products, which helps customers determine what they need prior to contacting us, saving us and the customer time on the phone.

“Updating the website is a piece of cake. Updating photos is literally as easy as drag-and-drop, content (text) can also be quickly and easily updated. I used to think in order to have a great website it had to be complicated and involve a lot of coding, Dianna and Rachel have proven that is not the case.

“A few months after the website was completed, I hired Huff Industrial Marketing to set up and oversee a PPC program. Since updating the website, our sales have increased approximately 25% — including pay-per-click, that number is closer to 50%.

“I highly recommend you hire the Huff Industrial Marketing team. They do amazing work and are quite responsive. When we needed adjustments to the shopping cart, Rachel and Dianna got on a video call and made changes on the fly so that we could see them immediately.”

— Brandon Acker, CEO, Titan Abrasive Systems