Dianna Huff

According to the National Association of Manufacturers, 75% of the 252,000 manufacturers in the U.S. are small — meaning, fewer than 20 employees. Many are family owned.

Small, family-owned manufacturers have their own unique challenges — especially when it comes to marketing.

Yet, 99.9% of the marketing advice out there is one-size fits none. Geared toward “B2B” or very large industrial concerns, or worse, repurposed from consumer campaigns, this advice is full of hype and hot air. It also doesn’t work.

As a marketing expert who has worked with small manufacturers since 1998, I bring to the table a fresh perspective — one that will engage your audiences and give them practical tips and advice that will actually make sense to them. It also works. I have the results to prove it.

Topic: Attract Skilled Labor with Your Manufacturing Website

In this fast-paced presentation, your attendees will receive five tested website strategies they can use to attract skilled labor.

  • Story-telling — Giving Millennials and others a compelling reason to want to apply for a manufacturing job at your company.
  • Mobile design — Millennials use their phones, constantly. Learn how a non-mobile website can deter job seekers as well as using strategies for ensuring your site is mobile-friendly.
  • Job forms — Job seekers want to fill out a form on the go versus having to wait until they’re at a desktop machine. Learn how to create effective forms and the questions to include.
  • Careers section — Job seekers come to a website looking for specific Career information. Learn which information to provide and how to present it.
  • Google Job Search Initiative — Google is currently working to completely change online job searches. Learn what this new initiative is about and how you can ensure your website shows up in Job Search Box, as well as using AdWords and other methods to recruit.

Topic: Turn Your Manufacturing Website in a Sales Machine

Because they’re often designed by agencies or designers well-versed in consumer marketing, manufacturing websites fail to perform at their #1 job: Generate leads.

In this interactive presentation, your attendees will learn the common-sense tactics they can employ to ensure their websites are getting the leads that become sales.

  • Home page design — What deters site visitors from “sticking.”
  • Choice overload — Why “don’t make ’em think’ is critically important with regard to design, navigation and content.
  • Calls to action — How to make it super easy for people to contact you.
  • Photos and images — Using photos and detailed captions to showcase your capabilities to engineers.
  • Rotating vs. static images — Why no one is watching that slideshow you so carefully put together.
  • And lots more!

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