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Website Wednesday Tips

Co-author: Rachel Cunliffe

Online business has changed exponentially in the last 18 months. It’s more than Zoom meetings and LinkedIn social selling.

It’s that we’re all overwhelmed and anxious due to uncertainty. Our patience for BS is much lower.

If something doesn’t work on a website, we get aggravated.

Here are three aggravations we’ve noted on manufacturing sites — and they’re super easy fixes that will pay big over the long term.

1. Redirect that http URL

If you’ve added an SSL cert — meaning, your domain URL is now HTTPS — make sure the old http URL redirects to it.

We noted that on a few LinkedIn profiles, the person was using the old URL, and because it didn’t redirect, it went to a 404 page. If you’re in sales, this is not good.

2. Make your Contact or RFQ page easy to find

We viewed a manufacturer’s website several times and couldn’t figure out how to contact the company. No email, phone, nothing.

We finally realized the “Contact” page was under the “About” tab.

The Contact page should be part of the main menu bar of your website.

We also recommend adding your contact information to the website footer.

3. Remove low performing or unused social media icons

Because low-cost / DIY themes come with all the social media icons, people think they need to add them to their website.

Nothing is worse, however, than clicking on the icon and realizing it doesn’t work OR that it goes to a platform where the company last posted in 2017.

Get rid of them. It’s ok to have only one or two icons — or none, if you’re company isn’t active.

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Dianna Huff is the founder and president of Huff Industrial Marketing. She’s also a passionate advocate for Made in USA and a geeky backyard birder.

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