“I want the Titan shopping cart experience to be seamless — no matter what device people use,” said Titan Abrasive Systems CEO Brandon Acker once Phase I of the website redesign project was completed.

To keep things simple for Phase 2, redesigning the company’s online Parts Store, we custom branded Shopify’s basic theme and tied it into the main Titan website for a seamless user experience. Shopify is great for manufacturers with less robust e-comm needs: it allows you to present product variations and it handles the backend, including credit cards, sales tax, etc.

On a hunch, we added the company’s blast machines to the store — even though they were relatively big-ticket items costing $3,500 or more.

Problem: After several months, we noticed the blast machine page had more mobile versus desktop traffic than the rest of the site. While the page looked ok on a phone, it wasn’t easy for mobile users to navigate or make a purchase. The page also wasn’t “converting” prospects into sales.

Solution: Based on the data, and feedback from the Titan sales team, we made changes to the design and format of the page to make it easier for people to navigate — and buy — on their phones.

Result: A sale came through. Then another sale. We continued to make tweaks. By the end of 2020, the number of units sold via e-commerce had increased by 266% over 2019.

In early 2021, Titan added a new blast machine model, which people began to purchase through the shopping cart as well.

“We never sold a blast machine online until Huff Industrial Marketing took over and designed our Shopify store,” says Acker. “I told the Huff team they need to add ‘amazing e-commerce solutions’ on their list of offerings. Seeing those blast machine sale emails give us such a thrill!”

Visit the Titan Abrasive website and parts store: www.titanabrasive.com.