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I’m pleased to announce that Huff Industrial Marketing now offers two new website services: Website Updates and Off-the-Shelf Website packages.

These new website options were designed to solve some of the many challenges small manufacturers face when it comes to marketing and growing their businesses.


Updates to Existing Websites: WordPress, Wix, and Squarespace

With this service, you now have the opportunity to cost-effectively revise your website copy, calls-to-action, and on-page SEO to help improve lead generation.

How it works: we review your existing website and then provide a list of recommended fixes. You can then choose to have us make all or some of the updates.

We charge a $497 non-refundable fee for the website review; if you decide to have us make the changes, we’ll apply a $450 credit to the updates fee.

The review and updates are completed 100% in-house by our team of manufacturing marketing and web design experts.

We’re fast, thorough, and smart – and help you better align your website to communicate your capabilities and expertise for your technical audience.

Learn more and sign up now!


Off-the-Shelf Website Packages

We regularly receive calls and emails from smaller manufacturers who hired a freelancer or agency to create a website for them – the end result being a hot mess of issues.

The problem is usually the pre-built theme. Pre-built (generic) themes allow you to create a low-cost website. They also present many problems, including:

Hard to update – The backend comes with hundreds of bells-and-whistles, leaving you feeling frustrated and overwhelmed when you want to make changes.

Broken or hacked – Some themes have poorly-written, bloated, and vulnerable code, leaving your business at risk of being hacked.

Limited support – When things break, the technical support from the theme developer is often limited or non-existent.

The biggest problem with pre-made themes, however, is they’re built for generic audiences. The themes don’t work for smaller manufacturers because:

  1. The theme developer has zero experience in manufacturing and doesn’t know what is needed for a technical audience.
  2. The theme uses unnecessary design trends that are geared more to wow consumers than your time-pressed technical audience of fellow manufacturers and engineers.

What’s been needed for years is a theme developed specifically for smaller manufacturers, one that’s designed by people who understand manufacturing – and the marketing challenges you are facing.

Our new Off-the-Shelf Website packages feature a pre-built theme we designed in-house. This theme eliminates all the problems associated with generic themes.

More important, this theme has our years of experience marketing to technical audiences like yours baked in. We know what works – and what doesn’t – and we poured this know-how into our theme.

The result: A basic, good looking, cost-effective website that’s easy to update and helps you get leads.

You can choose from two packages: the $5,000 Starter package or the $7,500 Lead Generator package.

Get a 10% discount on an Off-the-Shelf package – Sign up by January 29, 2021

To celebrate our new website services, we’re offering a nice discount on the Off-the-Shelf packages. This is a great offer — and the first time we’ve ever given a discount, so take advantage of it!

Choose an Off-the-Shelf package now!

We look forward to helping you get 2021 off to a great start with a new website.

Thank you!

Dianna Huff is the founder and president of Huff Industrial Marketing. She’s also a passionate advocate for Made in USA and a geeky backyard birder.

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