An industrial company in town is hiring. I know because I see their signs all over the place, such as this one, located at the entrance to the facility. The entrance also happens to be on my town’s main street.

Figure 1: Summit Metal Fabricators – Now Hiring Sign

What we like about this sign:

  • It’s big! – The sign is easily read while driving by at 30 miles per hour.
  • It states the job openings – Welders, Ironworkers and Erectors/Installers please apply!
  • It has a nice benefit – 100% paid family health.

Most important, it tells you where to apply online. We followed the link and were pleasantly surprised by the Summit Metal Fabricators website.

Instead of making people search for the Careers section (e.g. hiding it in the footer), the company placed a direct link in the main navigation.

The Careers page then lists all of the current job openings and their locations, along with an extensive list of benefits and links to content about the company culture, training, cost of living and leadership. (Figure 2)

In addition, call-out boxes reiterate the reasons why a job searcher should consider working for Summit Metal Fab.

And last but not least, searchers can sign up to receive future career opportunities.

Summit Fabricators careers page
Careers page for Summit Metal Fabricators

Website messaging is important with regard to sales but it is just as important for attracting the type of skilled employees you’re looking for.

The Summit Metal Fabricators site, for example, has an entire section devoted to “Culture,” along with photos of employees and their families, information about leadership development, and how the company gives back to the community.

Whether the searcher is a Millennial or an older worker, they can clearly see that Summit values employees and innovation and that it strives to be a “good citizen” in the towns where it has facilities.

Update 11/16/2023: Summit Metal Fab was purchased by Methuen Construction, also located in Plaistow, NH. They continue to post “Help Wanted” signs all over the place! You can visit their website at to learn more.