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b2b-moible-use-chart When talking with small business owners about redesigning their websites, I often hear, “People aren’t visiting our website using their phones.”

Actually, that’s not true. According to a two-year study in which Google partnered with Millward Brown Digital in 2012, Almost half, or 42%, of B2B researchers used a mobile device during the B2B purchase process. More importantly, the data showed a 91% increase in growth across the entire B2B purchase path.

Although Google noted only a 6% increase in mobile usage from 2012 to 2014, for those who did use mobile, Google saw a 3x growth rate in mobile search queries.

Other data to note from this study:

  • 49% of the researchers who used their mobile devices for product research did so while at work
  • Purchase rates on mobile increased 22%

In this piece I wrote for the Gardner Business Media Marketing blog, Myth versus Fact: Mobile Usage for the B2B Buyer Path is Growing, I discuss some of the findings from this research study and others. Bottom line: mobile use is growing — simply check your Google Analytics.

Dianna Huff is the founder and president of Huff Industrial Marketing. She’s also a passionate advocate for Made in USA and a geeky backyard birder.

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