manufacturing-websites Did you see the news about the February US jobs report? (Source)

A whopping 298,000 jobs were added last month — and 32,000 of these were in manufacturing!

On top of that, President Trump is working hard to either keep manufacturing here in the US or bring it back.

That means more work . . . for you, for me, for all of us.

It also means you could be missing out on attracting new business if your website is outdated and not presenting your company in its best light.

Which is why it’s vitally important you make your manufacturing website great again. Why?

Because a completely redesigned website tailored to your small business will . . .

  • Help you be ready for all the new manufacturing business President Trump is bringing back to the United States.
  • Be mobile friendly, which will help you attract younger workers — the ones constantly on their phones.
  • Be easy to update yourself without needing to learn coding.
  • Tell your company’s vibrant history and story through high-quality, original photography.
  • Show prospective employees the younger people who already work for you plus your clean and well-lit production floor and cool machinery (it’s not your grand-dad’s manufacturing anymore).
  • Let your buyers know you’re a proud, family-owned and operated company and that your products are Made in the USA (MAGA baby!).
  • Let buyers easily view your information and then contact you from whatever device they’re using from wherever they are.
  • Help you save money, time and resources through the use of special features that improve customer service.
  • Get you more inquiries from AdWords and email campaigns.
  • Show you’re a winning company!

People call me all the time and say, “Dianna, we’re not getting any inquiries. Our business is falling off. Competition is tough. We don’t know what to do.”

What you can do is pick up the phone and call me — 603-382-8093.

What I do is help you get inquiries through a website and marketing strategy tailored to your small manufacturing company.

When I ask small business owners, “How many inquiries do you want a month?” I usually hear something like, “Five would be great.”

I have a proven track record of getting manufacturing companies like yours much more than 5 inquiries a month.

In fact, you might get so many inquires you’ll say, “Dianna, we’re getting too many inquiries. Make it stop. We can’t handle all this new business.”

I love manufacturing and this great country of ours. I love working hard.

But most of all, I love winning.

I want to MAGA by helping you win, too — with a great website (and great follow on marketing) that helps you grow your business. Take a look at my Portfolio or Services pages to see how I can help you.

Dianna Huff is the founder and president of Huff Industrial Marketing, a full service agency that tackles a host of marketing and communications challenges for manufacturing companies.

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