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With the small manufacturers I work with, I’m often starting from scratch when it comes to marketing. Because owners of these firms have spent the last five to seven years focused on process improvements, productivity, and profitability, marketing has taken a back seat.

Thus, when owners finally come up for air, they’re confronted with a whole lot of (conflicting) information and overwhelm. Add to this limited or zero historical data on what works or doesn’t, a limited budget, and few internal resources — and it’s easy to see why starting a marketing program can be downright daunting.

In my first piece for Search Engine Land, SEO on a budget: How a small manufacturer started a program from scratch, I present a case study of this type of scenario. I cover the ups and downs of the program as well as some of the simple and cost-effective tactics we used — plus the results.

As Twitter poster ShineRank noted, SEO (and marketing in general) for small businesses isn’t easy, but with some grit, ingenuity and patience, the results can be amazing.


Read the case study — then, if you’d like to talk about creating a similar program for your small manufacturing company, give me a call at 603-382-8093. Or, fill out my Contact form. Thanks!

Dianna Huff is the founder and president of Huff Industrial Marketing. She’s also a passionate advocate for Made in USA and a geeky backyard birder.

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