I’m not a Pinterest user but had to log in. When confronted with the login screen, I became confused — and I have to admit — a little agitated.


Where was the login link?

Not at the top, which is standard.

The two huge buttons are for signing up — not signing in.

I could feel my eyes darting everywhere — and the cluttered background made things harder to find what I was looking for because my eyes kept darting to the images.

Oh — there it is. It’s the white wording beneath the two buttons. It’s hard to see because:

  • White font
  • Small font
  • White font on top of a light background so it blends into the background image

Pinterest’s sign-in page has two issues:

Issue #1: The home page doesn’t use standard login practices.

Here’s Facebook’s home page login:


Here’s Twitter’s home page login:



And just to check a non-social media website, here’s the nav bar from Infusionsoft’s home page.



Standard navigational practices really help your website visitors find things. Think of them the same way you do traffic signs: They help you navigate the road!

Issue #2: Placing white copy over a cluttered image significantly reduces reader comprehension.

While┬áreader comprehension isn’t the biggest goal for the Pinterest page, it is for things such as marketing collateral, tradeshow graphics, printed material, and even website pages.

If people aren’t reading your content, then they’re not acting on it. So it pays to make sure it’s legible.

If you’d like to learn more about typography mistakes, download my article, Effective Print Ads:Tools to Increase Sales. An oldie but goodie.

What do you think of Pinterest’s login screen? Leave your comments.

  • Great points and I’ve done the same thing. Tumblr is worse in my opinion. They have a signup button front and center and their login is white font all the way over to the left. Every single time I login it takes me a minute to remember where it is.

    • I know! I went to Tumblr after you posted on G+ and couldn’t find the login! Who puts it in the bottom left corner?!