Recent email from a client:

“People on my team want to know why you have our phone number hanging out at the top of our web pages. They think it should be removed.”

Why do you want your phone number at the top of each page of your website? Basically, to make it easy for people to call you if they’re using their smartphones.

As you can see in the screenshot, a person using a smartphone can touch the phone number and the phone will automatically call it without the person having to key in the numbers.


Including your phone number at the top of each page of your website has other benefits for your prospects and clients as well:

1. Saves time — People don’t have to navigate to “Contact Us” for your phone number or scroll through a page looking for the number buried in your footer.

2. Eliminates “fat finger” clicks — Nothing is more frustrating than touching the menu link adjacent to “Contact Us” and then having to wait for the page to load so that you can try and click the correct link again.

3. Increases inquiries — I don’t know you about you, but I *want* people to call me from whatever device they’re on. So I make it easy for them.

What’s your opinion about using a smartphone to call companies or organizations? Do you get frustrated when you have to peck around for a phone number? Leave your comments below.

  • Red_Three_Consulting

    You need to get more sleep. the screen shot is from 4:42 AM

  • heidicohen

    Dianna–I agree with you. You need to make it easy for prospects to get in touch with your firm. A touch-to-click button makes it easy, especially if they’re out and about. Happy marketing, Heidi Cohen