This form looks pretty straight-forward — that is, until you use it.

It took me three tries (and three “not processed” errors) until I figured out why it wasn’t working for me.

It’s because I had to click the “Change” button vs. the “Login Page” button. But, I didn’t “see” the “Change” button as it was invisible over there on the left side.

How would you make this form better?


  • Beyond the layout issue, I’d vote for new button copy. “Submit New Password” would be clearer.

    Then kill the Login Page button and make it a smaller text link, saying “No Thanks, take me back to my account page.”

    That’s my simple makeover.

    • Yes, I’d change the button copy too and move the “New Password” button to the right — directly beneath where you actually put in your password.

      Thank you for playing!