Joey Bushnell, an Internet and social media consultant who has a large following, interviewed me for his blog a few months ago. The interview, which is audio-based, is now available at his Web Marketing Inner Circle blog.

I had completely forgotten about this interview and while listening to it, remembered the great questions Joey asked me. In this 21 minute recording, you’ll learn:

  • Three things every B2B Website needs to tap into the emotional hot buttons of visitors
  • Why calling your Website an “online brochure” is wrong, wrong, wrong
  • Why you should have multiple “service pages” on your Website, and why you should treat every page on your site as a mini landing page
  • Six types of “lead generation devices” you can use to gather people’s contact information
  • Four tips for running a successful B2B blog
  • Five steps to making sure your Website is good for mobile and tablet devices

As you can see, Joey asked some pretty good questions if he was able to get all of that out of me in 20 minutes. 🙂


Be sure to sign up for Joey’s e-newsletter. When you do, you’ll receive a free “Traffic strategies” course. Thanks again, Joey! It was a pleasure talking with you.