I needed to reprogram my thermostat, so I carried my iPad over to it and looked up the product name in order to find the manual online.

Ha! The company’s Website looked good on my iPad but for some reason I couldn’t access the drop down menus, nor could I find a sitemap link on the home page.

I had to boot up my Mac to navigate the site. If I hadn’t needed the manual, I would have ditched this company and its site seconds after encountering it on my iPad.

Here’s the deal: Apple sold 8 million iPads last quarter. It sold 15 million iPads last year. It sold 4 million iPhone 4ses in the first 24 hours.

That’s a lot of mobile devices people, and judging from what I see simply walking around in the world (e.g. the mall, restaurants, airport, grocery store, etc.), these iPad- / iPhone-toting people use them — a lot. I’m finding that I leave my Mac turned off unless I need it to do work and am using my iPad for everything else.

Before purchasing my toaster oven, for example, I researched prices on my iPad and then called the store closest to me to make sure they had one in stock. If this company’s Website hadn’t “worked” on my iPad, they would have lost a sale — without knowing it.

To make sure your Website works on the iPad or any mobile device, you can do the following:

Ask your Web designer to look at your site on all devices.
This is something I do for clients as part of my value add even though I’m not a designer. Personally, I think all designers should have these devices for testing sites before they go live as it’s part of their job. #justsayin

Make sure you can access pages if you have drop down menus. I had a similar problem to RiteTemp when I first converted my site to WordPress and couldn’t navigate my site using my iPhone. I fixed that pretty fast.

Put your phone number at the top of every page of your site. Crazy busy people (and we all are) don’t want to spend the extra seconds hunting around for your phone number — especially if they’re on a smart phone. Put your number at the top of every page and no matter where they land on your site, they’ll have it. They can then “touch to call” you. Easy.

Ditto for email.

Test carts and downloads. If you sell stuff on your site, test your shopping cart to make sure it’s easy to buy stuff. If you have reports or other PDF documents, make sure people can easily download them, save them to the iBooks app — and most important — open them. I downloaded one PDF from a company and couldn’t save it as it was “password protected,” which necessitated a call to the company.

Do you have an iPad or iPhone? What are some of your Website pet peeves that you’ve encountered using these devices? Feel free to post them below.